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Electrical Engineers Test Vehicle SoftwareParadigm Emissions Technologies is a small, fast-growing company building a world-class team.

We offer exciting growth opportunities for those who join on the ground floor and help drive our success. Paradigm was founded to develop and manufacture innovative plasma reactor systems that decarbonize emissions. Heavy-duty vehicle fleets, which use our products, reduce CO2 while saving money on maintenance and fuel and improving vehicle uptime. Our engineers work in challenging and leading-edge scientific fields involving high-end electronics, plasma physics, and precision mechanical designs. We are attracting investment capital from private sector VC investors and the Federal Government, both of whom are investing in Paradigm’s disruptive breakthrough technology.

This is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a company where your work directly contributes to a healthier planet. Imagine being part of the brains behind a technology that will light up the industry, making you a key player in the journey to a low-carbon future.

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Current Openings

Electrical Engineer

As an Electrical Engineer with our dynamic team, you will dive into a world of electrical, thermal, and mechanical engineering challenges. Your expertise will help perfect a device that delivers significant financial rewards to diesel fleet managers by slashing maintenance costs, boosting engine efficiency, and – here’s the kicker – potentially clearing 200 million tons of global CO2 emissions out of the atmosphere. Yes, you read that right!

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